Tom Barker Events

About Us

Our Story

Tom founded Tom Barker Events in 2018.  Tom’s passion is aligned with his vision – to connect people through remarkable experiences.

More than just an events company, we aim to create deeper connections and build a powerful community for all those who join us on our adventures.

Tom Barker Events is expanding globally whilst building a diverse international network -from the glamour of Formula 1® to prestige of the America’s Cup and the pure adrenaline of sliding a sportscar across the vast ice flats in Northern Sweden – we are committed to innovating the events industry by driving meaning and connection in everything we do.

We consider ourselves fortunate that in our short history we have already been able to work with premium brands such as Ralph Lauren, Coca-Cola Amatil, Monster Energy, L’Oréal® Paris Australia, Brabham Automotive and American Express Centurion.

We continually seek unique ways to connect and deliver value to brands, corporates and individuals – we believe this is where our magic lies.